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5-Figure Formula

5-Figure Formula Video Training Program

A simple 5-part formula to turn almost any service offering into a $10K service. Make a few small tweaks to how you package and present your services and, as soon as tomorrow, you can wake up with a $10K offer you know clients will buy. 

Not only can you earn more, but you’ll finally be able to unchain yourself from your desk and do more of the things you enjoy with the people you love. Plus, command a new level of respect and appreciation from clients. I’ll show you how.

$99 Value

5-Figure Blueprint

5-Figure Blueprint

Knowing what to do is one thing, doing it is another. I take out all the guesswork with the 5-Figure Blueprint. Armed with this checklist, you can confidently convert your existing services into $10K service offers.

$59 Value

5-Figure Blueprint
5-Figure Formula Audio Downloads

5-Figure Formula Audio Downloads

You’ll also get the audio downloads of the program so you can listen to them in your car or at the gym. Quickly crunch through the program and get your first $10K offer launched.

$39 Value

But That's Not All... I'm Also Giving You $198 $594 Of Value In FREE Gifts When You Enroll Today!


8 Brain-Dead Services You Can Start Offering Today

If you’re still figuring out what services to offer, I’ll show you 8 dead-simple services people are making $40K, $50K and up with — right now! Services you can learn how to do in and hour or two and be up and earning with your freelance business.

I’ll show you a guy who’s made $108,500 with a service you’ve probably already done a dozen or more times. A lady who’s made $9,540 posting Tik Tok vidoes. Another freelancer who’s made $72,400 using a free piece of software. And, five more services just like these that you can start offering immediately.

$99 Value - Yours Free


AM2 Protocol Overview

The easiest, yet most effective way, I’ve learned in 15 years of freelancing to market and sell your freelance services. You don’t need a website, you don’t need a complicated “funnel”, you don’t need to spend hours each day trying to find clients.

You only need these four things: A PMMP, Money Magnet, EP and to PHL and clients will come calling for YOU. None of them are complicated, you can set them up in less than a day and you can be in business attracting new clients and earning an income.

$99 Value - Yours Free

4-Figure Fiverr Formula


The 4-Figure Fiverr Formula

I’ll show you the “4 Ps” to creating a Fiverr service offering that can max out the fees you’re able to charge on Fiverr ($995 for non-Pro services).

While everybody else is charging $5, $10 or $20 for their services, you can be charging $500, $600, all the way up to $995. If Fiverr would let you go higher, you could…

Because you’ll tap into the psychology of high-end buyers and using it to craft a service offering that’s irresistible to those fat-cat clients with money.

NOTE: This isn’t mentioned in the video because it’s a brand new bonus, but it IS included in the course.

$99 Value - Yours Free

30-Day Email Coaching Program


30-Day Email Coaching Program

Unsure if you can implement all this? No worries. I’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you build your 5-Figure Offer with the 30-Day Email Coaching Program you get with the course.

This also gives you 30-day “virtually unlimited” email access to me as you go through the training. Within reason, of course — we’re not going to be pen pals or anything — but, if you get stuck, have a question, just need a little motivation, I’ll be an email way.

I normally charge $100/hour for this kind of coaching, but it’s yours FREE when you enroll in the course.

NOTE: This isn’t mentioned in the video because it’s a brand new bonus, but it IS included in the course.

$297 Value - Yours Free

30-Day Email Coaching Program

A Total Value Of $395 $791

5-Figure Formula Bundle
100% Money Back Guarantee

10K Or Bust Guarantee

Try it before you decide. Purchase your copy of the 5-Figure Formula today. Try it for 30 days and either it’s everything I say it is or I’ll buy it back from you —  and you get to keep the entire program.

Just shoot me one single email and I’ll refund every penny of your purchase price. So, no need to make a final decision today. And, either way, you get to keep the program.


You Might Be Thinking...

No. That’s MY background, but I’ve now taught over 25,000 other freelancers how to raise their rates and get more clients. What I teach works for almost any freelance services. If you’re walking dogs, maybe not. But, if you’re a developer, graphic designer, writer, photographer — any skill-based service — this can work for you.

No. The entire training is just a few hours, so you can watch it all tonight and begin implementing tomorrow. The changes you’ll make are simple tweaks that can be implemented quickly. They’re also 100% up to you, so you don’t have to wait or rely on anyone else. By tomorrow afternoon, you could have your $10K identified and be offering to new and existing clients.

However, to be upfront, this takes some thought and work. It’s not some magic pill that once you learn it, people just start handing you $10K. So, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves a bit. But, it’s not hours and hours and hours just strapped to your desk. It’s a day or two of focus and you should be good to go. It’s also not impossible to understand or figure out. It’s simple tweaks to what you’re already doing that you can implement quickly and without complete rearranging your entire business. 

Yes. Look, I know lots of online teachers throw around big numbers and big promises. And, often times, they don’t live up to the hype. So, it’s normal to be skeptical. But, I don’t want you to miss out on this and I’m confident in what I teach. So, I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Grab a copy of the course. Go through the whole thing. Implement! And, either you have your $10K offer and are over the moon with what you’ve learned OR you send me a single email and I’ll give you every penny back — AND, you get to keep the whole program.

Yes, I’ll likely get screwed by some of the shady characters online. But, I’d rather that than someone who truly needs this miss out because they’re skeptical. So, there you go. You’ve literally got nothing to lose on this.

That’s why I included the 8 Brain-Dead Services You Can Start Offering Today bonus training. I’m going to show you eight dead simple services people — lots of people — are offering right now, that you could learn in a day or two — or, in some cases, you already know. People who are making $40K, $50K and up with “brain-dead” services. You can absolutely copy what they’re doing. No need to reinvent the wheel. 

But, more than that, it’s about opening your mind to what’s possible — helping you to stop overthinking and realize that you probably already have the skills you need and you can get started with simple services that lots of people need on a regular basis. Couple that with what you learn in the 5-Figure Formula training and you’ll be off to the races — start earning freelance income quickly and methodically grow your business to full-time.

In the the 5-Figure Formula training, I’ll show you some simple ways to identify the kinds of clients that will pay you $10K and beyond for your services. This was one of the big “aha” moments for me. Once I figured this out, it eliminated all the fear and doubt I had about finding clients that would actually hire me at $10K and above. 

But, I also cover this in the AM2 Protocol bonus. It covers the simplest, yet most effective, way I know to bring clients to you — high-paying clients who are pre-qualified and pre-sold and ready to hire you. You don’t need a website or a complicated marketing funnel. You just need four things: a PMMP, a Money Magnet, an EP and then to PLH. With those four things, you can bring in all the clients you want. In fact, it’s the exact method I’ve used the last 10 years to bring in clients and customers day after day, month after month.

In fact, this last year, my youngest daughter was born and I took just under 10 months off to focus on her — and my business only lost about 10% in revenue with me doing almost nothing to keep it running. That’s how powerful this method is. And, again, you’ll learn it in the AM2 Protocol bonus that comes, for a limited time, in this package.

Nope. It’s a one-time fee that gets you lifetime access to the course.

In a word: yes. I guess we’ll see WHOSE lifetime? 😀 But, as long as I’m still kicking, you’ll have access.

Here's How to Get Instant Access Right Now​

As it’s packaged, the total value of this bundle is $791, but you’re not going to pay $791.  In fact, the retail price of the program is $97.  But, right now, because this is a brand new course and you’ll be helping me test out my brand new training portal, instead of paying $97, you can get this entire $791 in value today for just $86. A savings of $705. It’s less than 3 dollars a day for the next 30 days. Or, less than a cup of your morning coffee. 

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