HERE'S A RARE Opportunity To

Swipe My Exact System For Flooding Your Inbox With New Freelance Clients

On Complete Auto-Pilot

Here's The Proof

Dear fellow freelancer,

Look, I know how that sounds… 

“Flood my inbox? Complete auto-pilot? Okay, John. And magic unicorns are gonna fly outta my butt and sprinkle dollars bills everywhere.” But, I needed to get your attention and convey to you just how important this is.

Now let me prove it.

The system I’m going to show you has helped me sell everything from freelance services to Skillshare memberships to online courses — I even used it to help my older brother jumpstart his photo booth business.

And, here’s the proof.

This is what happened when I used it to promote my freelance services:

For reference, the projects marked “Custom Build” are $5,000 projects. The “Clone” is a $3,000 project. And the “Hourly Rate” are at $100/hour. And, this is just a snapshot of a 2-month period. You can do the math on what that is per month.

But, let’s move on because there’s a lot more.

Here’s what happened when I started using this system to market my courses on Skillshare:

Skillshare Revenue

Prior to this, I hadn’t heavily promoted Skillshare — and I was at $325.61 in revenue in a month. For a number of reasons, I decided to go “all-in” on Skillshare for awhile and the “system” grew my income 1,731.80% on the platform. Again, you can double-check the math if you’re skeptical.

But that’s still not all…

This is as current as I can show you. This is from the recent opening of my new 5-Figure Formula course. And, in fact, I haven’t even turned the full system on, yet. I’ve only done a small launch to my existing mailing list.

Still, this is what happened:

And, that’s just what fits on the first page.

But, there’s still more. 

I wanted to show you the absolute craziest way I’ve used the “system” I’m about to give to you… so you know, without question, this CAN be used to sell your services.

So, THIS is what happened when I set up a “local” version of the “system” to help my brother jumpstart his photo booth business (how he got into THAT is a whole other story):

These requests are $800 a piece.

I’ll do the math this time. That’s $12,000 (15x$800) you see sitting in his inbox. And, I’m actually not even showing them all. He got out of the business to pursue his passion coaching football, but in the year he did this, he had a total of 65 requests come in.

That’s $52,000 in a year.

Not bad for a little side gig he did on weekends.

And, here’s the best part… it only takes about an hour a day to keep the “system” running. Don’t get me wrong… there’s some work getting it set up. But, once you do, it runs almost completely on auto-pilot.

So, that’s just a small snapshot of what you can do with the “system”. 

And, if you’re still skeptical at this point… that’s fine.

No hard feelings. 🙂

But, this deal isn’t going to be for you.

But… if you’re thinking, “Damn. I wanna do that!”… I’m giving you an extremely rare opportunity to get your hands on this system for a fraction of its regular price…

Here's The Deal

I’m in the middle of moving my courses from my old system to my new student portal. And, there’s a helluva lot of them. Twenty total courses to be exact… some of them with 30+ videos and 6-8 hours of content.

So, I’m doing an “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) iteration.

The courses themselves are done. The content is good to go. It’s uploading the videos to Vimeo, building the pages to host the courses… AND, building these sales page.

And, right now, I’m just doing quick and dirty sales pages just like this one.

I haven’t shown you half of what I could… what I will when I make my 2nd iteration. And when I do that, I’m going to charge significantly more for these courses.

But, right now… I’m keeping it simple.

And, offering them at a steep discount until I can properly sell them.

So, if you want to get your hands on the system that can do everything I just showed you, there literally will be no better time.

I’ve packaged it into a course called “The AM2 Protocol Master Class” and let me show you what you get so you can make a proper decision.

The AM2 Protocol
Master Class

Here’s what’s included:

The AM2 Protocol Training

AM2 Protocol

A 13-video series where I teach the “system” — what I call the AM2 Protocol — in detail so you can have new clients flooding into YOUR inbox.

Including all the little tips and techniques I’ve learned setting it up in multiple different industries — selling products, services and even freakin’ photo booths!

$299 Value

10-Step Sales Page Checklist

10-Step Services Sales Page Checklist

You’ll get access to the exact same checklist I use on my service sales pages that convinced clients to submit those quote requests. Miss even just one of these and it’ll crush your conversions.

$99 Value

The AM2 Blueprint

Your “roadmap” to implementing the system so you can stay on track and get YOUR system up and running fast.

$79 Value

AM2 Blueprint
Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Template

A quick and dirty template to help you create a dead simple lead magnet to attract potential customers and convert them into new clients.

99% of your competition won’t do this. Do it and you can take all the clients for yourself. This template makes it brain-dead simple.

$79 Value

Content That Converts

I’ll show you the 5-step system I use on all my blog posts to not only rank high in the search engines and tap into free traffic…

But, convert readers into new leads and clients. This is how you “feed” the system and I’ll show you the exact formula I use.

$69 Value

Content That Converts
8-Point Landing Page Checklist

8-Point Landing Page Checklist

The 8-point checklist I use on all my landing pages to crank up their conversion rates. It’s simple math… higher conversions means more leads, which means more new clients.

I’ll show you how to squeeze every drop out of your landing pages so you can maximize the number of new clients your system brings you.

$69 Value

Valuable Content Worksheet

You’ve no doubt read or been told, “You just need to give value”. That’s the secret to everything you want in life: “value”.

Great, but how? I’ll show you the three things your content MUST have to be perceived as high value — and my 9-step system for ensuring every piece of content I create is as high value as possible.

$59 Value

Valuable Content Worksheet
Unique Content Worksheet

Unique Content Worksheet

Another staple of the content know-it-alls — “make sure your content is UNIQUE”. Great, but how when there’s literally billions of new pieces of content posted each day.

Well, there’s three things you can do to ensure your content is ALWAYS unique –without having to scour Google to make sure nobody thought up your idea.

$59 Value

WHEW! That’s a helluva lot of stuff, so let’s recap:

here's everything you're getting

AM2 Protocol Master Class

$812 In Total Value

Yours for Just $242

that's OVER 70% Off

The total value of the package is $482. But, like I said, you’re not going to pay $482. In fact, the regular price of the course is $403. 

But, because I’m in transition and you’re getting a bare-bones “sales” presentation, I’m going to give you the entire course for just $242. 

That’s over 70% off — a savings of $570

But, this is for a very limited time. Once I get all my courses moved over and come back to this page to flesh it out more fully, the price WILL be going up.

So, if you want to get your hands on the exact system I use time and again to pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars — working from home, just a few hours a day — there is literally no better time than right now.

And hey, either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

And I sincerely DO wish you the best of luck.

Your internet friend,

John Morris

P.S. This also comes with my Love It Or Keep it guarantee. Grab a copy, today. Try it for 30 days. It’s either everything I say OR you get your money back AND you get to keep the entire course. So, all the risk is on me, not you and there’s nothing to lose. When you click the “Buy Now” button you’ll be taken to Stripe to complete your payment.